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About Us

About the foundation

From the first days of Russia’s military aggression against Ukraine in 2014, the CEO of MirImmunoFarm launched a charitable activity by providing Del-Immune V® to soldiers and civilians. This product was developed for instant immunity support and health strengthening. More than 1 million doses of Del-Immune V® in all forms have been donated during the years of military aggression.

After the full-scale invasion on 24th of February 2022, the charitable assistance was expanded according to the urgent needs of Ukrainian military troops. Thanks to the self-organization of not indifferent  people who bought personal protective equipment, military gear, food and medicines for their own expense, a team of like-minded people has appeared. So, there has been made a decision  to open the Charity Foundation “PRAY FOR UKRAINE” for the fundraising to provide more substantial targeted assistance for the professional servicemen and civilians who suffered from the actions of the aggressor.

The Head and representatives of the Charity Foundation “PRAY FOR UKRAINE” are in constant communication with the Ministry of Defense, military units and representatives of other force structures of Ukraine. Almost all defenders of Ukraine have a need for personal protective equipment. The list of needs is constantly updated.

Also, the PRAY FOR UKRAINE Charity Foundation cooperates with volunteer organizations and charitable foundations of the USA and Europe

Message from theTeam

Our team appeals to everyone who is not indifferent to join the common goal – to bring closer the victory of the Ukrainian people in their struggle for the right to live in a European democratic state with their own history, culture, language and rights. Every donation brings us closer to this goal and saves the most valuable thing – the lives of Ukrainians. Everything is and will be Ukraine!

Fedir H.

Head of the foundation, CEO «MirImmunoFarm, LLC», Kyiv, Ukraine

Ihor L.

Volunteer, coordinator of logistical issues, Kyiv, Ukraine

Anna O.

Volunteer, coordinator of administration issues, Kyiv, Ukraine

Raya V.

Volunteer, coordinator of financial issues, Kyiv, Ukraine

Сompany staff

Volunteers,  Stellar Biotics LLC, NJ, USA.